Sunday, February 28, 2016

Horizons - Flooded Basement Apartments

Flooding on 2/24/16
Apparently, city officials finally did take heed into tenant's ongoing complaint at the former Tepper's building. To think we were even accused of making things up, really? Yes, there are basement apartments at the Horizons and it is shocking to know that no one from the city knew this. What is more shocking and disappointing, is that the tenant who wishes to remain anonymous had all requests for help ignored, both by building management and city officials since October of last year. See OPRA request submitted to the administration that went unanswered and also letter sent to Plainfield Action Services (PAS) where our Mayor was copied (dated last year):

Nevertheless, we are happy to be informed that the city and building officials finally listened and are now looking into these mysterious basement apartments at Horizons that no one knew about. Stay tuned for updates and don't forget, The Pulse of Plainfield is here to advocate for the community.

Follow your own rules Plainfield!

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  1. When the tenant came to Plainfield Action Services the individual was directed to Inspections, the Office of Community Development (that could handle relocation if necessary) and Union County-based legal services. PAS has a mandate to positively impact the causes and effects of poverty to improve people's everyday lives in order that they are able to make sustainable strides for themselves and their families, but it does not do everything. Based on my inquiry, it is my understanding that PAS provided the necessary information and referrals in a timely and immediate fashion as was appropriate to its mission, capabilities, and this particular circumstance.

    Alan Goldstein
    Plainfield Action Services Board of Directors