Saturday, February 27, 2016

A New Era of Plainfield Politics

I'm sure Plainfield is buzzing. The Mayor has chosen his candidates to run for City Council. His picks?
Charles McRae for Third Ward
Rebecca Williams for At Large
We are happy to officially announce here at The Pulse of Plainfield, as Independent Democrats, we will be supporting the duo we know will bring about positive change to Plainfield. We are so proud to announce our support of candidates:
Tracey L. Brown for At Large
Alma Blanco for Third Ward
Please stay tuned for updates on our campaign trail! A campaign is nothing without the will of the people. Let us put community first before everything and let us be a city where everyone counts!



  1. I encourage the people to support this ticket. Norman X Johnson

  2. The Mayor is employing a back door political tactics to effect a majority control of the council, should Ms Williamso win he then appoint's replacement

  3. Who is this "we"? Being thus far an anonymous blog with an anonymous author or authors, should the rest of us take you seriously?

  4. Alan, we are not asking you to take anything seriously, this community blog serves its own audience, just as Mapp's bloggers serves its own audience. Our blog will remain anonymous, and will be signed by authors when they allow it. "We' and its terminology is used when the City chooses to ignore certain segments of the community. Why don't you join our group on Facebook so you can see the 'we' we are referring to yourself? We apologize if this blog does not serve your purposes.