Monday, February 22, 2016

Horizons - Basement Apartments?

Did anyone know that Horizons at Plainfield has basement apartments? Apparently there are four basement apartments. The featured image is of sump pumps that were installed outside of the subterranean windows of the apartments due to ongoing flooding issues.

Water seepage & window view
The basement apartments have windows that have a great view of brick walls that contain the sump pumps and have a secured crate on top. So if there is a fire, how would a tenant escape?

The masonry in the basement is deteriorating. Is this safe for tenants living in basement living spaces?
Masonry/Column deterioration
Whatever happened to the planned Senior Center they planned on putting in the basement? The City was not able to utilize the space for another benefit for the community? Looks like now the entrance to the planned Senior Center is now blocked off. What are they hiding?

If tenants in this building are complaining of any safety violations, are they being addressed in a proper manner by the Administration? Are they doing so in a way where tenants do not have to fear any form of retaliation? What is the turn-around time for addressing code violations and inquiring if the proper permit and certificates were filed? One may ask, was there ever a variance issued for this building to allow subterranean apartments?

If anyone else in the community is concerned about any safety and code violations in their buildings, please let us know. When we come forward with what is hidden, that is when we get answers.

Keep Out Plainfield!

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