Sunday, March 13, 2016

Support Rally for Lieutenant Ken Reid

Please join us in next rally in support of Lieutenant Ken Reid. We will start our rally for justice at Angels for Action, at 209 W. 2nd St. Plainfield at 5:30 pm on Monday 3/14 to gear up for the 8 pm City Council Meeting at 325 Watchung Ave. Plfd. Lt. Ken Reid will address the crowd at this rally.

Let us show the community that once again, we will not tolerate any forms of injustice as we see here displayed with the political assassination and outright discrimination against 30-year veteran Lt. Ken Reid led by department heads and our Mayor who has not publicly addressed our outcries for answers.

We are honored to have Salaam Ismiall from National United Youth Council, Inc., a strong community activist leading the way for us to demand that the injustices against our brother in blue, Lt. Ken Reid cease now!

Photo on right, courtesy of Oscar Quintana - Americano Newspaper

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We Support Lieutenant Ken Reid!

We ask the community to rally behind Lt. Ken Reid, a 30 year veteran who has dedicated his life to serving on the Plainfield Police force. We demand answers for the community! There is an injustice occurring against Lt. Reid.  We want to know why is Lt. Reid being singled out, harassed and why he is being pressured into retirement? Why is he being threatened with getting demoted? Lt. Reid is more than deserving of his title that he earned serving the public all his life. Why is he being threatened with six months without pay? Why has someone been placed in this department to get rid of those that don’t fall in line? Are these orders from our Mayor? If so Mayor, you will not get away with this!
Let us say as a community, you cannot shakedown pillars to our community! We should as a community, stand and say – Enough is Enough! Please come and show your support for Lt. Ken Reid on Wednesday, 3/9 at 1 pm in front of Plainfield Courthouse at 325 Watchung Ave.  Lt. Reid has been there for us, and now it is time to be there for him!